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GFSS Mentors Local Youth 

Good Family Support Services is always looking for opportunities to advance our community, and empower the people in it. In February 2016 that opportunity came in the form of the two sophomore girls in search of an internship. The Philadelphia Mastery Charter School system requires all 10th grade students to participate in a mentorship program after they’ve completed the mandatory seminar. The objective of this seminar is to teach the students workplace communication skills, time management, work place etiquette and other skills; these are skills they are expected to put in practice while at their internship, and will ultimately stay with them into adulthood. Every Wednesday for 18 weeks Ms Staggers and Ms Winchester, our interns, showed up eager and ready for work. Both young ladies were delegated various task, and given opportunities to contribute creatively to office projects. Upon completion of the program on June 1st, Good Family Support Services was awarded with the Mentor of the Year award for 2016.

Aztecs Family Fun Day

On Saturday September 24, 2016, Good Family Support Services sponsored the Hunting Park Aztecs homecoming games and festivities. Established in 1993 by seven local men, the Aztecs were founded on the principal of hope, and serves to provide children within the North Philadelphia community something fun and productive to do; as opposed to getting mixed up in the sometimes dangerous streets of Philly. Home field for the Aztecs is based at the Hunting Park Recreation Center located at 900 Hunting Park Ave. It’s the same field that nearly four years ago former Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, donated $200,000 towards restoration of the field, dedicating his donation to the Aztecs. With Good Family’s help, the Aztecs were able to feed around 300 children and their families, in addition to a mobile gaming entertainment room, and bounce houses. The GFSS administrative team came out to show support for the players on the field, and gave out goodies bags and face painting for the kids.

Aztecs Family Fun Day

State Officials Host Senior Health Fair Series

State Officials Host Senior Health Fair Series

 The arrival of springtime tends to make people feel more eager to engage in things that require them to be outside. Something about the return of the warmth and the reappearance of the sun that makes people feel more social. It is also during this time of the year that we see an increase in the amount of outdoor fairs and activities. This year, several of our local and state representatives hosted health fairs for seniors, kicking off early this spring and then coming to a close mid November. Among some of the officials were State Rep Curtis Thomas, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds, State Reps, Stephen Kinsey and Pamela Delissio, just to name a few. Every community within the Philadelphia area was covered from far northeast, down to the southernmost corner of South Philly.  These health fairs took place at senior centers, senior housing developments, churches and hospitals. Some of the other agencies present at the health fairs were the likes of PECO, PGW, Philadelphia Water Department, JEVS, PCA, Aetna, Keystone Choice, Comcast, Philly 411 and many more. It was a great opportunity for Good Family to meet potential clients and aides, as well as network with other professionals.

Christmas at GFSS

 The holidays are a festive time around GFSS, and each one of our office staff took part in putting together gift bags for each of our clients who celebrate the Christmas holiday. Some of the staff even took turns hand delivering each gift to the homes of our clients, with the exception of those clients who chose to come in and pick up their gift themselves. Much to our surprise, several clients came in with Christmas cards and gifts for us.

Christmas time at GFSS

Lobby Day

Lobby Day 

On April 25, 2017 Good Family Support Services, along many other home health care agencies from various parts of our state,  traveled to Harrisburg with the PA Homecare Association to participate in Lobby Day. Also known as Advocacy Day, Lobby Day is a day when non-governmental organizations meet politicians or public servants at various levels to advocate and explain support legislation. In laymans, we went as a representation of the people we service, and to bring the issues that affect them right to our legislators front door. One of the many issues discussed was presumptive eligibility, which currently allows people to sign up for a nursing facility one day and move in the next (provided that is space available). When attempting to enroll in the waiver program, people face many obstacles and see a consistent decline in health while waiting to be approved for services. We have joined hands with other HHC agencies to ask our government permit presumptive eligibility for the Home and Community Based Services sector. We encourage everyone to reach out to their local representation if you are interested in helping the cause. If you don't know who your representatives are you can go to and enter your address.

Employee of the Month

Every month Good Family Support Services highlights one of their exemplary employees for their work ethic. This employee exhibits a number of positive traits we look for in our home health care aides. The Employee of the Month displays a wonderful sense of genuine compassion for their client(s), honesty and trustworthiness to the client(s) and the agency, accountability to always be there for the client(s) when they are assigned, ultimately this employee goes above and beyond the expectations Good Family Support Services sets out for their home health care aides. Our Employees of the Month also receive a $125 bonus, as well as their picture displayed on our website here. Let's take a moment to say congratulations to all of our Employees of the Month for showing pride in their work and care in their hearts!

Employee of the Month

Early Literacy Scholarship Program

Early Literacy Scholarship Program

Good Family Support Services (GFSS) is committed to assisting children in our community. We believe people simply being able to read properly can easily prevent many health problems and create a broader awareness to those in their social groups, and it is important to us to equip our children with the tools that they need to succeed. This literacy program provides childcare centers with scholarships of varying stipend amounts towards the purchase of qualified literacy learning devices to develop strong reading habits through fun and interactive learning applications. This initiative by Good Family Support Services is an attempt to root out one of the main causes of poor health long before it begins, and prevent future illnesses before they may happen through education. In total GFSS hopes to donate $50,000.00 in scholarship funds to multiple qualifying centers in an effort to improve the literacy and education of over 5,000 children across our Philadelphia community. Our goal at Good Family Support Services is not just to aid people in need of our care, but to eliminate the need for care entirely for the future. To date, we have awarded three day care centers with our scholarship, and look forward to assisting many more. If you are interested in signing up for our early literacy scholarship program or know someone who might be interested, you can find the qualifications and application on our resources page.

Sounds of Inspiration

On August 25th, 2018, Good Family Support Services participated in one of the largest free concert events in Philadelphia. Every year local radio station Praise 107.9 puts on the Sounds of Inspiration gospel concert. Gospel greats such as James Fortune, Martha Munizzi, Deitrick Hadden, Tasha Cobb and more are pulled in to spiritually uplift concert goers. Taking place right on the Delaware River Front at Penn's Landing amphitheater, Good Family's presence added just the right touch; something previous attendees had not seen before. With games, raffles and wonderful prizes inviting the audience to the table to potentially sign up for services or employment, Good Family staff went out and interacted directly with the crowd in their seats handing out goodie bags filled with gifts.


Aide Giveaways

At Good Family Support Services, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our extended family, which is comprised of all of our clients, aides, and their families as well. The clients are the bricks of the foundation of Good Family, but our aides are the mortar that holds it all together. In other words, happy aides mean happy clients. GFSS is interested in much more than just the financial well being of our aides; we like to make sure that we offer something to them that addresses their everyday needs. Here's a look back at all of our aide centered giveaways over the last year.


Community Support

Keeping with our theme of Family Taking Care of Family, Good Family Support Services is always for looking for opportunities to help out within our community. What better way to do that than to start with the youth? Last year Good Family donated to several schools and organizations that are doing great work assisting community children and preparing them for bright futures.

Donation to Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School


Donation to the Kingsessing Roadrunners Student Athlete Academy 

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