Professional Care program

Professional Care Program

At Good Family Support Services, we offer a variety of services to our clients. Our services are especially designed to cater to each individuals’ specific needs. For some clients, those needs include having a family member or friend as their care giver. It provides a certain level of comfortability and ease of mind. However if you’re looking for more traditional care for yourself, or for a loved one, Good Family has you covered. All of our staff has received extensive job specific training and has passed a full criminal background check, and our aides are all insured and bonded.

We know that it can be challenging to welcome a stranger into your home, let alone trusting them to do things for you that you can no longer do for yourself. Here at Good Family Support Services we like to care is personal, and that it starts with trust. It’s important that the people you put in charge of anything relating to your healthcare have your ultimate trust. And we have a record of earning our clients trust through following up, and taking personal responsibility. We are responsible for caring for people. They are not just clients or another case to us. Care is personal because, to us, each and every client is viewed as one of our own family members.