Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resources

Welcome to Good Family Support Services' brand new Caregiver Resources page! Here, you'll find all the essential tools and information you need to provide the best care possible. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for many more updates coming soon to your new page!

Downloadable PDFs

We have provided easy access to important documents that you can download and print as needed. However, in regards to GFSS' timesheet policy, please note that Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is the only approved method for confirming your shift. Timesheets are only utilized in extreme cases. Please see EVV guidance below or contact our office administrator at for more details, additional EVV training, or Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Weekly Timesheet
    • Download Weekly Timesheet (PDF)
    • Instructions: Please fill out this timesheet accurately in the event of an EVV issue regarding an extreme/extraordinary circumstance -- timesheets are ALWAYS a method of last resort for capturing and reporting your shifts!
  2. Caregiver Handbook
  3. Incident Report Form

Training Resources

Most of GFSS' caregiver training is done in integration and partnership with Home Care Pulse. All caregivers are given login instructions during their orientation with our HR Administrator. If you have forgotten your username and/or password please email Alexis Cooper at or call our office at 215-849-4744 during normal business hours for instructions on regaining access to your Home Care Pulse Training Account.

Basics of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a technology solution that verifies the delivery of home care services to ensure accurate and timely care for participants. Here’s what you need to know about EVV as it relates to the Pennsylvania Community Health Choices Program:
  1. What is EVV? EVV is a system that uses electronic methods to record the following details for home care visits:
    • The type of service provided
    • The individual receiving the service
    • The date and time the service begins and ends
    • The location of the service delivery
    • The individual providing the service
  2. Why is EVV Important?
    • Compliance: EVV is mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act to ensure that Medicaid-funded home care services are accurately documented.
    • Transparency: It ensures transparency and accountability in service delivery.
    • Quality of Care: Helps to improve the quality of care by ensuring that participants receive their scheduled services.
  3. How Does EVV Work?
    • Mobile App: Caregivers use a mobile app to check in and out of their visits. The app records the necessary details automatically.
    • Telephony: For those without smartphones, a telephone-based system can be used to log visit details.
    • Fixed Devices: In some cases, fixed devices installed in the participant’s home can be used to log visit times.
  4. EVV in Pennsylvania Community Health Choices Program
    • Implementation: All caregivers providing services under the Community Health Choices Program are required to use EVV.
    • Training: Training on how to use the EVV system is provided to ensure compliance and ease of use.
    • Support: Technical support is available for caregivers experiencing issues with the EVV system.
  5. Steps for Using EVV
    • Check-In: At the beginning of the visit, use the EVV mobile app or telephony system to check in.
    • Service Delivery: Provide the scheduled services to the participant.
    • Check-Out: At the end of the visit, use the EVV mobile app or telephony system to check out.
    • Review: Periodically review your logged visits to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  6. Benefits of EVV
    • Accurate Record-Keeping: Ensures that all visits are accurately recorded.
    • Fraud Prevention: Helps prevent fraud by verifying the actual delivery of services.
    • Improved Care Coordination: Enhances care coordination by providing real-time data on service delivery.

EVV and HHAeXchange

HHAeXchange is our home care management platform that integrates EVV to ensure compliance and improve service delivery. Here’s how EVV works with HHAeXchange Enterprise version:
  1. Integration with HHAeXchange
    • Seamless Sync: The HHAeXchange platform seamlessly integrates EVV, ensuring all visit data is automatically synced and recorded.
    • Real-Time Updates: Caregivers and coordinators can see real-time updates of visit logs and schedules, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  2. Using the HHAeXchange Mobile App
    • Check-In and Check-Out: Use the HHAeXchange mobile app to check in at the start and check out at the end of your visits. The app captures the exact time and location, ensuring compliance.
    • Service Documentation: Document the services provided during your visit directly in the app, ensuring accurate and detailed records.
  3. Benefits of HHAeXchange EVV Integration
    • Compliance: Ensures compliance with state and federal EVV requirements.
    • Efficiency: Reduces paperwork and administrative tasks, allowing caregivers to focus more on providing quality care.
    • Transparency: Provides transparency in service delivery, ensuring that services are delivered as scheduled.
    • Improved Communication: Facilitates better communication between caregivers, coordinators, and participants through real-time updates and notifications.
  4. Steps for Using EVV with HHAeXchange
    • Download the App: Ensure you have the HHAeXchange mobile app installed on your smartphone.
    • Log In: Log in to the app using your credentials.
    • Check-In: At the start of your visit, open the app and check in. The app will record your time and location.
    • Service Delivery: Provide the scheduled services and document them in the app.
    • Check-Out: At the end of your visit, open the app and check out. Ensure all services are documented before checking out.
  5. Support and Training
    • Training: Training sessions on how to use the HHAeXchange mobile app and EVV features are provided to all caregivers.
    • Technical Support: If you encounter any issues with the app or EVV system, contact our technical support team at 215-849-4744 or email our HR Manager, Alexis Cooper, at