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m4Caring for aging adults can pose challenges and tough choices regarding their independence of care. Most seniors want to age at home, where they feel safe and close to the things that are important to them. It can be both scary and troublesome to see a loved one who is no longer able to care for him- or herself. Often, declines happen gradually; however a sudden change in health, a recent fall, depression, or loss of key local support can trigger difficulty as well. Home health care services can greatly increase the quality of life for your loved one. Home care services can help them maintain their independence but with greater safety, security and healthy living.

Here at Good Family, we offer the perfect balance for independent elderly people and their loved ones, providing custom home care services through experienced, friendly caregivers while ensuring your loved one has as much independence as possible. If your loved one is in need of a more hands on assistance, we will be more than glad to send someone out who is trained to attend to their specific care needs. Every team member here at GFSS begins their day with the mission to provide the highest quality home care, and resources, delivered with compassion and extraordinary service. In doing so , we seek to elevate the quality of life experienced by the people we serve and create an environment of comfort, consistency, and a sense of for our clients and their families. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care and resources for all GFSS clients.


Companionship and Care Services: Personal Care Services

Companionship and Care Services:

  • Conversation and companionship: provide social contact at mealtime and other moments of the day to enhance health, happiness and quality of life
  • Meal preparation: help seniors maintain good nutrition for healthier living
  • Light housekeeping: vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, taking out the trash, straightening rooms, organizing closets and drawers, cleaning interior windows that can be reached without a ladder
  • Errand services: picking up prescriptions and going to the the post office
  • Grocery shopping: either with or without the client
  • Respite care: reliever family members who are assisting with the care of their loved one - this allows time to run errands, go shopping or get much needed rest
  • Medication reminders: in-home caregivers cannot administer medications, but can remind the client to take medications and assist in opening medication containers and reading labels
  • Grooming and dressing guidance: buttoning clothing , tying shoes and putting on socks
  • Incidental transportation: doctor appointments, barbershops, beauty salons, shopping, where the the client needs to go
  • Laundry services: Washing, drying, ironing and putting things away
  • Mail assistant: Separate junk mail from important mail and let seniors know when bills are

Personal Care Services

  • Bathing: help clients maintain proper hygiene and refresh their sense of well being
  • Mobility assistance: promote activity and exercise for a more healthful lifestyle as well as improved mood, decreased stress and increased mental alertness
  • Transferring and positioning: help maintain functional activity; relieve pressure areas on the skin; reduce stiffening of muscles; and promote proper breathing, digestion and elimination
  • Toileting and incontinence care: skillfully help clients maintain dignity and self-esteem, while lessening the perceived shame clients may feel associated with incontinence and the need for toileting assistance.
  • Oral hygiene: prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, plus assist in prevention of other diseases
  • Feeding and special diet: making extra effort to ensure mealtime is a more enjoyable social experience by being especially sensitive to how the loss of independent eating skills can affect the client