Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost for Good Family to provide services in my home?
A: GFSS services are covered by medicaid at NO COST to clients. Private pay rates are available.
Can my family member or loved one receive services, even if they cannot afford to pay?
A: Yes. Services can be made available to them if they qualify for a special program that Good Family Support Services is approved to provide services through.
How long does it take to be approved for services?
A: The enrollment process takes approximately 90 business days.
Are all of Good Family Support Services' aides trained and insured?
A: Yes. Good Family Support Services has a state of the art training program that insures top quality of all employed staff, and all the aides are insured and bonded.
Can I choose my aide from a certain criteria that I prefer?
A: Yes. Good Family Support Services has a variety of aides to fit everyone’s needs.
Can I see my aides criminal background?
A: Yes Good Family Support Services provides all training certifications and criminal background checks of its aides.
I want my family member or friend to be my aide, can Good Family Support Services train them?
A: Absolutely, we specialize in training your loved ones at their convenience.
How long has Good Family Support Services been in business?
A: Good Family Support Services has been open and operating since 2012
What do I need to have to sign up for Good Family Support Services to send an aide to my home or even hire my family member to become my aide?
A: Call today and we can enroll you in minutes over the phone, or ask our specialists to mail you a simple enrollment packet.